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Longshirt Primero Allroad2, women, black

Longshirt Primero Allroad2, women, black

Part number: 01-070-1238-0

Giá: 1.980.000 đ
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The improved and redesigned functional underwear of the Primero Allroad2 series is the perfect companion for your tours.

The lightweight among functional underwear provides optimal wicking and fast redrying. This supports the ventilation of your riding gear. The body temperature is maintained at the ideal temperature of 37o; on hot days the "Allroad2" series has a cooling effect, and on cold days, a warming effect. The ideal shape was designed to offer high wear comfort. Few and flat seams make sure that the material fits your body like a second skin. Creases and friction are avoided.

Material: 78% polyamide, 22% polyester

- Longsleeve shirt with round neck
- few and extremely flat seams
- odour-neutralising and antibacterial
- high degree of breathability
- body-shaped fit
- men and ladies cut

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